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            Indonesia is an undiscovered center of world sailing zone, the biggest archipelagic country on Earth wtih thousands of cultures, dialects and of course enchanting tropical forests. 70% of our country is water, the sea among the islands and the ocean bordering around just a perfect natural resources ever. With over 17.000 islands in the country, Indonesia challenges to be explored. Sailing is the perfect way just to do it - the distance between the islands is perfect for daylight sailing, beautiful and safe small lagoons are perfect for overnight stops and the people of colourful cultures are just some of who you will encounter along your travels in Indonesia.

            Its just like the rainbow glowing through your eyes when in every 100 Nm you will find a significant differences of people, dialeg and way of life. Indonesia mostly are consist of small islands, some big islands such as Java, Sumater, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian has also a distinguish differences of the people live in the island. For example - Java Island is consist of 3 provinces West, Central and East Java and it also has different dialegs, different cultures and different custom not to mention way of life.

            Indonesia has a long - long history in Maritime activities both domestic and international affairs, the Dutch and Portuegeese have been visited Indonesia many many centuries ago. The eastern part of Indonesia was famous for Cloves, Nut Meg and well known as Spice Islands.

The Bugis tribe in Indonesia today has spreading almost to every coastal area along the country - they really are Natural Borned Sailors.

            The Central Government of Indonesia along with the Regional Governments in these last year have dedicatedly developing Indonesian Water to become one of the Economic Support for the country, the region itself and the people as well.

            Some Marine Events have also been fully supported by the government directly, such as Sail Bunaken, Sail Banda, Sail Wakatobi - Belitung and Sail Morotai. The event literally not only just a sailing event but many more activities and event direct program of infrastructures developments are also being done related to the event.

            Yayasan Cinta Bahari Antar Nusa has done and will always supporting marine development in this beloved country. Our effort in such a way to open up Indonesia for the world is create an Indonesian Passage across and all over Indonesia through the event of Sail Indonesia.

Until today - we have successfully open more than 30 destinations across the country, these destinations will surely useful for Visiting Yachts come to Indonesia.

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  As a non profit and non government foundation, we work together withe Central and Regional Government and on the spot we work hand by hand with the real people. We realize that there so much things have to be done to reach the goal, we need your help, idea, critics anything to make us grow and perform better. If you are concern about people, marine conservation, natural resources, young genertaion, anything regading to - in Indonesia, please share it to us.

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